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NextGen: Central Sign-On

On October 9, 2018, the Montana Bankruptcy Court upgraded its Case Management/Electronic Case Filing System (CM/ECF) to the Next Generation of CM/ECF (NextGen).  This upgrade provides users with several benefits including Central Sign-on: the ability for e-filing attorneys to access any NextGen court they practice within using one login and password.  The Montana Bankruptcy Court upgraded to NextGen October 9, 2018

Your PACER Account will be your login (entry point for both PACER and CM/ECF).  Therefore, you must have access to an Individual PACER Account.




Obtain your own individual PACER account, if you do not already have one.  Register for a new PACER account by clicking here:

If you already have your own PACER account, then go to Step 2.


If you have your own individual PACER account and it was created prior to August 11, 2014 (also known as Legacy account), you must upgrade your account before you can electronically file in a NextGen court.  Please see the learning module below on upgrading your PACER account (a PDF copy has been included for your convenience).

Upgrading Your PACER Account:


Note your current CM/ECF login and password.  This is the login and password you are currently using.  If you do not know your password, please email


You must link your upgraded PACER account to your MTB NextGen CM/ECF account.  Users will NOT be able to file in NextGen until their CM/ECF account is linked to their upgraded individual PACER account.


 CURRENTLY REGISTERED USERS- How to upgrade your current PACER account. (PDF)

How to register for a new Individual PACER account. (PDF)


Request Access to Montana Bankruptcy Court- New Attorney. (PDF)

Request Access to Montana Bankruptcy Court- New Non-Attorney. (PDF)

PACER Administrative Account (PAA)

How to Clear your Temporary Internet Files (Clearing Cache) link