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General Orders

General Orders Summary (as of 3/8/2018):

The following General Orders Summary is a complete and updated list of all currently effective general orders in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Montana. Any order not specifically listed has been vacated and is of no further force and effect. This list is reviewed and updated periodically. Please contact the clerk of court for further information about past or present general orders.


Order No.


1/18/2019 2019-2-BPH In Re: Exemption from Electronic Public Access Fees for Montana Legal Services Association
1/16/2019 DLC-43 In Re: Referral of Bankruptcy Cases and Authorization of Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Service
1/17/2019 DLC-42 In Re: Amendments to Local Rules of Procedure
1/11/2019 2019-1-BPH In Re: Court Operations During a Lapse in Appropriations
12/26/2018 2018-3-BPH In Re: Order Regarding Appointment of Local Rules Advisory Committee
9/28/2018 2018-2-BPH In Re: Electronic Case Filing System Inaccessibility
1/18/2018 2018-1-BPH In Re: Use of Electronic Equipment in Federal Courthouses in the District of Montana in Connection with any scheduled section 341 Meeting.
11/22/2017 2017-3-BPH In Re: Amendment to Local Rules of Procedure and Forms
2/13/2017 2017-2-BPH In Re: Order Regarding Appointment of Local Rules Advisory Committee
2/1/2017 2017-1-BPH In Re: Order Regarding Assignment of Closed Bankruptcy Cases and Adversary Proceedings
11/23/2016 2016-03-RBK In Re: Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds



In Re: Procedure to Amend Debtor's Social Security Number



In Re: Implementation of Judicial Conference Privacy Policy Regarding Public Access to Electronic Case Files