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Training Requirements

Training Requirements Enabling Attorneys to File Electronically:

In coordination with the PACER service center, the Bankruptcy Court for the District of Montana has provided links to computer-based electronic learning modules which will allow attorneys to meet the training requirements of the District. The electronic learning modules (hereafter referred to as ELMs) can be found under Training & Manuals.

Once the ELMs have been viewed, attorneys will be required to contact Mary Palmer at (406) 497-1246 or Patti Mahoney at (406) 497-1244, to obtain access to the ECF training database.  The Court will provide details regarding the required training exercises.

Upon completion of the training exercises, attorneys are asked to complete the ECF User Registration Form and email the form to: Upon receipt of the registration form, the Court will promptly issue the attorney a login and password to the ECF live database.

Attorneys that have received ECF training from a different Bankruptcy or District Court other than Montana shall be issued a login and password to Montana’s ECF live database. Attorneys are required to complete the ECF User Registration Form. After meeting the necessary requirements, a login and password shall be issued. Support staff of the e-filing attorneys are also strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the e-filing database by viewing the ELMs. It is not necessary for support staff to complete an ECF User Registration Form as logins and passwords are only issued to e-filing attorneys.


All attorneys filing in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for District of Montana are required to register to use CM/ECF.